Welcome to Aztlan

Welcome to Aztlan

Welcome to AztlanWelcome to AztlanWelcome to Aztlan

Our Presentations


Our Presentations:

  • We offer a one hour presentation which includes a half hour of song and dance, 15 minutes of storytelling and 15 minutes of hands on arts and crafts.  This is an interactive program for all to have a chance to participate.  

Tour dates and locations:

  • New England Tour:  April/May
  • Mid-Atlantic Tour:  May/June
  • Kansas City/Columbia, MO Tour:  Mid-October
  • Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia Tour:  November

*Please call or contact via e-mail for specific dates and times.


  • 3 to 4 Dancers:  $500
  • 1 Presenter (includes song, dance and storytelling):  $300
  • 1 Lecture on Native American history, culture and present day living:  $100 

Community events

We welcome home school groups who would like to have our dancers visit. Our dates are the same as those listed above.  We also visit Elderly nursing homes, fairs, festivals, family gatherings.